4 HP Four Strokes

Engine Type 1 cyl Fuel Tank 1.3 L / .338gal
Displacement 112cc Tilt & Trim Manual
Length 28.2in Ignition System TCI
Width 14.2 in Shaft Length 15in/20in
Height Short/S 40.5 in Gear Ratio 2.8 (27/13)
Long Shaft 45.5 in Weight Short S 24.4kg / 53.9 lbs
RPM Range 4000/5500 Long Shaft 25.5kg / 56. lbs
Engine Oil Cap. .5L / .338gal    


  • Fuel Tank Integral.
  • 2 Years Limited warranty.
  • Proven Reliability - Desinged & built with stringent standards for reliability.
  • Propeller choise will vary by boat size,weight & application.

Available Models: Short Shaft, Long Shaft.
Consult your local Dealer for complete rigging compatibility information. All rigging items are sold separately.

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